What kind of exam is a YÖS exam? It is quite confusing. YÖS is  really different kind of exam from those ones that we got used to during our education process. This examination doesn’t have certain subjects to study and pass, but it is about checking general intellectual level of the students. This is the reason why it is not easy to explain what exacly you will face. Well, let's try to explain it step by step.

YÖS is the entrance exam for foreigners who are willing to study in Turkish universities. Before, YÖS was held only in state universities but later private universities began to organize this kind of exam. Furthermore YÖS in the private university will be different from the original YÖS exam, and it’s a pitty, that with the results of YÖS from private university you will not be able to apply to state university.

However the pattern of the exam will be still the same as original version, but private universitites might change content and type of questions.


Original version of YÖS exam has two parts. The first part includes questions from different fields of knowledge and is checking fundamental and mathematical skills. Test "Basic learning skills" assesses abstract reasoning. Questions have a minimal dependence on language but explanations are given in Turkish and English. The YÖS Exam includes 80 Questions, 45 IQ and 35 Math. It takes 90 minutes.

The second part assasses the applicant's comprehension of written Turkish.  (for a note - private universities are skipping  this second part because mostly they offer programs in English).

 In the original YÖS exam for admission to public universities, this part of the exam takes 60 minutes.

Keep in mind that the YÖS exam will be held in many universities, and you should read  admission requirements of the university that you want to apply to because some of them do not require YÖS results. Some private universities accept results of international tests or high school diplomas.

Clarify while making your application if your university can accept results of YÖS obtained in another private university.

Some private universities organize YÖS exam free of charge, the other ones however require a certain fee so  it might happen that you will pass YÖS exam in one university but you won’t be able to submit the results to the other university.

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