The only 100% online interactive Turkish Learning System in Turkey is available within the services of Hirmizy Group (HG).

The Online Turkish Learning system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, has basic group levels of education classified according to the standards of European Framework of Reference for Languages as follows: Elementary Level / Basic User (A1 + A2), Intermediate Level / Independent User (B1 + B2) and Advanced Level / Proficient User (C1) consisting of total of 5 class levels. All education process is being realized 100% live via the internet, in which each class level (except for Advanced Level) lasts for 80 hours, while the duration for Advanced Level is 50 hours. The education period of the program is as follows: Basic Level 9 weeks, Intermediate Level 9 weeks, and Advanced Level 4 weeks. At the end of each Level an "Online Exam" is to be held. HG, held the Level final exams cooperating with Aydin University which is one of Turkey's leading universities, and that is by collaborating with Istanbul Aydın University TOMER (Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center). At the end of each Level, students who will complete the regarded level successfully will be provided with a Turkish Language Certificate approved by the Aydin University TOMER valid to use in all institutions and universities that request this certificate as a condition of application and admission to academic study.

The education that held 5 days a week is given by specialist academics in the field of Turkish language education. Also, the program provides online Turkish "conversation" hours for the participants and that is to be done with Turkish students. This activity is to be held in the online system in "Speaking Rooms” either in groups or individually.

The Online System is 7/24 accessible. Participants can get their online education 4 hours a day as well as they can be connected to the system any time they want in order to access the materials, repeat subjects or solve question. In addition, by accessing the system, participants can watch the recorded video sessions of trainings that are previously prepared by GH, and can also participate in online exercises and activities and reach the additional upload materials at any time they desire.

At the end of each Class Level, participants are evaluated by four basic language skills through the online system. The exams include the following sections Grammar, Listening and Comprehension Skills, Speaking Skills, and the ability to write compositions (Written Skills). Participants who pass these examinations successfully can continue their education in a higher level.

Participants, who do not wish to attend the courses but just want to get the TOMER certificate, can enter the “Online Turkish Certification Exam" organized by HG. The “Online Turkish Certification Exam" consist of Grammar, Writing, Reading and Comprehension sections, exclusive of Listening and Speaking tests.

Participants who are successful in the exam will be provided by Aydin University TOMER certificate approved by the Rectorate and valid to use in all institutions and universities.

People, who wish to participate in the “Online Turkish Education”, and after completing the pre-registration form prepared by the Hirmizy Group, will be provided by their private "Username" and "Password" in order to access the system.

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